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Welcome, Hearing Health Care is an AudigyCertified Practice
AudigyCertified providers adhere to a strict set of AGX certified patient care standards that deliver unsurpassed patient satisfaction. Only the top providers in the U.S. hold this distinction. No other provider in the area holds this award.

Our AGX Protection Plan
• 75 day trial period and retraining program on all new hearing aid purchases
• 3-year warranty, 3 year loss & damage insurance on AGX 5, 7, 9 models
• 3-year free battery program
• Complimentary Quarterly Cleanings and Checkups for your hearing system

Our Core Values: The Five Xs
We are: Experienced Professionals who give Expert Advice. We prescribe Extraordinary Technology. Our entire staff is dedicated to delivering Excellent Service. All this results in Exceptional Value.

Online Specials
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